The story of Diksha

One evening it seemed to me as a ray of light

all of a sudden broke through the mist <…>

in the chamber of my heart the lamp was lit

which always goes on burning like the lamp on the altar.

(Swami Rama “Living With the Himalayan Masters”)

Finding the Master

I have met the Master by chance if it can be said so. Although I have always been interested in spiritual topics, I had never looked for spirituality or tried any spiritual practices. Deep in my heart I knew – when the time comes I will find the way to do it properly. And it came true – when I was still in school, the first Master’s visit in Lithuania took place. I attended it with my parents; we received our first diksha (initiation into spiritual practice). Then, of course, I barely understood what was happening and how important it was…

I don’t remember much about what my life was like before I met the Master – I was an average teenager; but I can tell how my life changed after I met Guru Ji.

The Master brings security and wellbeing

One of the things Guru Ji has given me is an overwhelming feeling of joy, entity, harmony and security. Is there a thing more wonderful than the feeling that there is always somebody who protects you, loves you, cares for you and gives you everything you need? Only God can give such a joy, and people, blundering and suffering, are looking for it all their lives, forgetting that this Divine joy really is deep in the heart.

Feeling of security is provided by the teaching that things which happen are those that are good for you, but not those you wish would happen.

Loneliness and solitude

After meeting the Master I have learned to enjoy solitude. After all, you are never really alone – the Master is always with you. Actually, feeling of loneliness is caused by being used to depend on other people. But when there are no other people around, one can feel the Reality, connection with the inner self, presence of God. Now I often enjoy doing things just by myself or being on my own, in solitude. Then all the colours of the world are perceived clearly. “When you are alone, you are with everything that exists” – a lotus responded to a wise man asked why is it blossoming in a remote place where nobody can see it.

Staying in Ashram

Return to Ashram refreshes the soul. I always feel like coming back to my genuine home. I would say that staying in there is twofold. Firstly, it seems so simple, easy, pleasant, as I’m always glad to meet my spiritual brothers and sisters, to rest from the entire material world. Then it seems to be virtual, not real, like an illusion. It is very interesting to watch that “virtual” world afterwards. Staying in Ashram is also a hard work, a Lesson, revelation period – every time I learn something new, every time I leave with a bigger wish and inspiration to do my daily sadhana and fulfill my mundane duties with even greater Love…