Shri Gurudev Shri Prakash Ji


Shri Prakash Ji was born in Patna, the capital of the Indian state of Bihar, – one of the most ancient cities of India. Once this city was called Pataliputra, and in great antiquity was the capital city of India. Here the Master spent his childhood.

Shri Prakash Ji’s parents as role models of harmonious relationship created an environment of great spirituality in the family. They came from noble brahman families themselves, where Veda traditions have been faithfully followed: spiritual practices have been performed, prayers said, fasting observed and spiritual festivals celebrated. From very early years Prakash adopted the true perception of yoga.

Unlike his peers, already in the childhood, Prakash often kept contemplating and speaking about God and opted for meditation and solitude. Since he was a child, he has possessed knowledge and distinguished himself by insight typical of wise old men.

Shri Prakash Ji performs satsangs regularly in different towns and countries