Centre of Spiritual Culture Shri Prakash Dham

The name of the Centre of Spiritual Culture “Shri Prakash Dham“ means “The Dwelling of Light“ in Sanskrit.

In its activities, the centre aspires to spread the age-old Vedic culture, otherwise known as Sanatana Dharma. In Sanskrit “sanatana” means eternity, “dharma” – the rightful way of life, laws, duties, and living according to the ancient scriptures; the word “veda” means knowledge.


Since ancient times, Vedic wisdom was passed in person, when old sages, spiritual masters (Sadguru in Sanskrit) passed their knowledge to their followers. Between around 1500 and 1000 BCE the Vedas started to take the shape that reached us today – four compilations of sacred texts: “Rig Vega”, “Sama Veda”, “Atharva Veda”, “Yajur Veda”. These sacred texts and other scriptures of Santana Dharma convey profound, complex knowledge about all aspects of human life – from rituals to rightful and multi-faceted lifestyle.


However, it is not easy to understand the Vedic texts. Firstly, those sacred texts were written in Vedic Sanskrit, a language that is thought to be sacred, sparked in humans by the Gods. Thus a lot in the Vedas may appear “coded“. Secondly, the passing millennia have not only changed the lifestyle, but the very consciousness of the humankind. Therefore, a need arises not only for a suitable, undistorted translation, but also for an explanation and application to a current day. A mere “translator” does not suffice here – someone who not only understands the profound meaning but has lived through and experienced it personally.

Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji is the founder of Centre of Spiritual Culture “Shri Prakash Dham“and inspires the centre’s activities. He passes the spiritual wisdom and knowledge in the ancient Vedic tradition.

Activity of the Centre:

  • The organizing of the meetings with Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji;
  • Group meditations;
  • Viewing of satsangs;
  • Yoga classes;
  • Miscellaneous themed events;
  • Publishing of spiritual literature.

Activities in the Centre of Spiritual Culture “Shri Prakash Dham“ are carried out by volunteers. Those are people, who practise spirituality themselves, understand the need and meaning of the centre’s activities, and wish that more people had an opportunity to get acquainted with the true spiritual Knowledge.

The centre is a non-commercial organisation. All activities are funded by voluntary donations.


If you’d like to support the activities of the centre and contribute towards the spread of the ancient Vedic culture, you are welcome to make a donation. Your support can be transferred to the bank account of the Centre of Spiritual Culture “Shri Prakash Dham“ with a payment reference “Donation”.

If you work and pay tax in the Republic of Lithuania, you can also support us by contributing the 2% of the income tax. You can do this by filling out a form FR0512 in the online tax declaration system every year before the May 1st.


Centre of Spiritual Culture “Shri Prakash Dham“

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