Yagya (Agni Puja)

Yagya (Agni Puja) is a very ancient prayer and a spiritual practice. Yagya is a part of Vedic culture, which is the most ancient culture on Earth. Since old times Yagya has been highly significant in people’s spiritual lives. This prayer is performed by the fire, thus it is called Agni Puja (Sanskrit “agni” – fire, “puja” – prayer).

It is performed by Spiritual Teachers, Yogis and great Brahmins. They chant mantras, pray and make sacrificial offerings such as herbal preparations and ghee to the fire. The prayer performed by mahatmas or sages has a huge creating power. Their energy awakens spiritual feelings in people and cleanses them. During Yagya one has a possibility of saying prayers together with those great souls and be involved in this sacred event.

Yagya is conducted to spark the revival of spirituality on the planet, to promote everyone’s growth, encourage the purification of negative karma, improve health and material well-being as well as the skill of solving various problems. It harmonises a human’s connection with the Universe, enhances ecology, cleanses the subtle worlds and reinforces a human’s relationship with God. Yagya can be performed for other, more specific purposes as well.

Yagya participants have their spiritual world purified, health improved, the negative karma outcomes weakened and so on – all their life spheres are changing for the better. Agni Puja has a positive effect not only on those who are taking part, but also on their family members and friends. Besides, it helps souls and relatives who have departed this world.

The spot where Yagya was performed is embraced by a serene atmosphere which bestows well-being on all living creatures. Yagya done with a positive inner state and pure intentions is a natural way of interaction between the Universe and the human. All creative forces respond to requests of praying people with joy and send them blessings.

Shri Gurudev Shri Prakash Ji has performed Yagya in Russia and other countries for many years.