Satsangs book (vol.2)

Satsang is a spiritual conversation, which is carried out by the spiritual master (Sadguru) for disciples or any audience. It is a unique method of knowledge transfer. It combines all the aspects necessary for the all-round human development. Master’s words, filled with love, pervades deep to the human heart. Any word can have a tremendous power, but the word spoken by the spiritual Master awakens the true knowledge, gives the strength and power to live and grow. There is a purpose behind the sacred Vedic texts that say: “Every word, spoken by Sadguru is a mantra (i.e. a sacred word)”. Satsang is very important to everyone: to those who seriously want to engage in spiritual development, and to those who simply seek to experience joy, peace and happiness in the everyday life.

In the satsangs of this book a variety of topics are analysed: what helps to find love, joy and peace of mind; how does God’s and Master’s power work; what impact spiritual practice and Word have in life; the difference between love and attachment; how breath provides energy of life; etc.

This book of satsangs is published in English, Russian, Lithuanian languages.